Innovative Coaching in High-Performance Sports Starting in May 2024
This full Master's Program builds the bridges between the foundations for successful innovative coaching in modern high-performance sports. Coaching demands this multifaceted skill set, ranging from athlete management and scientific knowledge to effective communication and adaptability in an ever-evolving field.
The HiPer Master's Program offers a way to improve your coaching skills with the help of professional coaches and fundamental knowledge. Students from all around the world will participate to share their approaches. United, we are working to develop qualified and educated coaches with the aim to spread knowledge worldwide, to guarantee high training standards for the best athletes, to get awareness on the topic of coaching and training and to set standards of what High Performance means.
Innovative coaching in High Performance sports
Curriculum & Study plan
  • Movement Science and Biomechanics
  • Training and Teaching
  • Sport Psychology and Methods
  • Health, Nutrition, and Performance
  • Sport Management and Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • Sport Specific Coaching
  • Professional Master Thesis
Why to choose the HIPER?
  • 120 ECTS Full Master of Arts
  • Innovative and up to date
  • Best Lecturers
  • Work shadowing with a professional club/association trainer/coach
  • Part-time study program
  • Flexibility: 3-8 Semester
  • Besides work and family
  • 85% digital and asynchronous, 15% block seminar
  • Bachelor's Degree is not mandatory
  • International
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Diversity in modules and content
  • Work shadowing with a professional club/association trainer/coach
  • 8500€: inexpensive in comparison to other private Master programs
  • innovative teaching through the use of VR glasses
  • VR glasses sent to every student
  • interactive discussions, lectures and group work from home
  • in-depth and informative exchange where you can participate in a shared classroom from around the world
  • direct interaction with each other in virtual learning spaces



Empowering „HiPer“ students to train high-performance athletes in sport on the qualitative best level all around the world.


To become the leading global network of training and coaching experts in sports.

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